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12pin custom flexible Flat cables/FFC Cables
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    22pin custom flexible Flat cables/FFC Cables
  • 22pin custom flexible Flat cables/FFC Cables

  • Brand :Colorsunny
    Type : Flexible Flat cables/FFC Cables
    Pitch :0.5 - 0.8mm
    Pin :22pin
    Certificates:ISO9001:2008,Ro HS, UL
    stiffener film thickness:6mm
    We will design and produce custom FFC cable and complete assemblies to your specifications if you can not find what you need.
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Flexible flat cable (FFC cables) is a new form of data cable made of insulated materials and thin tin-plating flat copper by means of prodution pressing via high technology automatization devices. FFC cable is quite flexible, bendable, foldable, thin, tiny, and it's easy to connect and assemble and disassemble. Other than that, FFC cable is able to solve electronmagnetic interference. There are free options for the number of wires and their normal pitches. FFC gives great conveniences for connection, what's more, descreases electronics' volume, reduces the cost of production and increases the productivity. FFC can be used in the connection between mobile components and mainboard, connection between PCB and PCB. In addition, FFC acts as a data transmission cable in some miniaturization electrical equipments.

Flexible Flat Cables
Flexible Flat Cables


This 30pin 0.5mm pitch flex flat cables participates in signal transmission and board to board connection for almost all modern electrical equipments: such as all kinds of printers, the connection between print head and mainboard, graph plotter, scanner, copier, audio sound equipment, LCD, fax machine, diverse VCD , DVD and other products. OEM/ODM Services
Customization of products. As per customers'detailed specification on a certain electronic component, we provide fully-costomized design and manufacture service.
After years of persistent effort and dedication, we have so far achieved some triumphs and reached some remarkable milestones in designing, researching and developing components. With our years of industrial experiences and manufacturing capacity of the production of components, we are fully capable of providing excellent services for our customers.
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