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  • rigid flex print cicuit

  • Brand :Colorsunny
    Type :Rigid-layer-Side Flexible Circuit
    Layer : 1
    Pitch :0.3mm-2.54mm
    Pin : 5pin-50pin
    Operating Temperature Range(C):40 / +85C (100 / +185F),
    40 / +125C (100 / 250F); 40 / +150C (100 / 300F)
    Color:Yellow, Gold-plated, tin-plated, free oxygen
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FPC (Flex Printed Circuits) is a flex circuit based on one conductive layer of copper.There are four main type of flexible circuit in the world.we can be designed and configured to fit exactly into your project or design. Our flexible printed circuit capabilities includes a wide range of design choices including line spacing, materials, surface finishes and panel sizes. Colorsunny is experienced in servicing multiple industries including Automotive, Industrial.Our engineers will help to guide you from conception to final product throughout the entire process. See our FPC breakdown guide below for more information.

  • Ease of manufacturing or assembly
  • Single-Sided circuits are ideal for dynamic or high-flex applications
  • Stocked FPCs in various configurations (inquire within)
  • Engineering support
  • Custom designed gerber files
  • Low MOQs
  • fully custom design solutions with engineer support!
  • Feel free to browse our FPC items These are some of our more popular designs that we try to always have in stock.


Application of Single-layer Flex circuit digital circuit
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