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  • ODM/OEM LCD cable/LVDS cable

  • Brand :Colorsunny
    Type :LCD 32cores single shield cable, LCD 32cores double shield cable; 34AWG
    Cable Length:50mm-15000mm(As per customer's request)
    Connector Pitch Range:0.3mm-4.2mm
    Processing Ways:Crimping, pressing and soldering types
  • Cable Color: Black
  • Connectors: JAE, HRS, JST, AMP, Dupont, I-pex, Molex, YH, ACES, FCI, DDK, UJU, JWT, Panasonic connectors.
  • Characteristics:Good transferring, clearly pictures, no shaking, and transfer issues
  • Certificate:ISO9001:2008, RoHS, UL
  • Performance Test:100% electrical and electricity performance test
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Wire Cables LVDS Screen Cables DESCRIPTION:

LVDS, namely Low-Voltage Differential Signaling. Use very low voltage swing high speed differential motion to transfer the data, and this is the key of the technology. There shall be point to point, one point to more point connections. And for these connections, low power consumption, low error, low interchannel interference and low radiation are required. The transmission medium can be copper PCB cable, or balanced cables. In some systems where full signal, low shaking and common mode are strictly called for, LVDS has been put in wide use.

Connecting and transfering data, LVDS demands features as below:
1, Lower than 2V electrical power and voltage compatibility.
2, Low noise demanded. In other words, high noise suppression.
3, Reliable signal transmission
4, Integrated to system-level IC
5, The product data speed ratio ranges from serveral hundred Mbps to 2Gbps by LVDS technology
6, Driven by electric current, put a load at the reception port to gain voltage, when current flow by forward direction, the reception port output is 1, conversely 0.
7, The swing ranges from 250mv-450mv
8, This technology is based on ANSI/TIA/EIA-644LVDS interface standard.


PC monitor, desktop comptuer, tablet, printer, scanner, fax machine, copier, audio sound box, MP3, MP4, DVD, digital camera, notebook , PDA, office equipment, LCD displayer, consumer electronics, LED, LCD TV, medical equipment, industrial PC, dirver board, ect.
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