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Wire to board Connectors

PCB Board to Wire Connector

PCB Board to Wire Connector is designated to connect two active devices for current or signal transmission. In a circuit block-up area, the connector helps connect current in order that the circuit can function as scheduled.

Simplified Production: the connector simplifies the assembly of electronics to increase the production efficiency;
Simple maintenance: in case a certain component goes invalid, replace the invalid component and the electronic will be working properly again;
Easy upgrade: In an electronic where there're connectors, it's easy to upgrade components by just replacing them with better ones;
More underlying combinations for designs: In electronics where there're connectors, engineers have more combinations when designing and integrating new products with components, largely because of the flexibility in connector application.

1.25mm pitch miniature crimping connectors working as interfaces between PCB and wires and supporting high-density mounting; A variety of pin headers of DIP type or SMT type.
Designed with a low profile at a mounting height of 5.3mm (DIP straight type), 5.8mm (SMT straight type), 3.6mm (DIP or SMT right angle type); The SMT type pin header can be automatically mounted with vacuum absorption, embossed tape packaging and magazine packaging are available.

Colorsunny Electronics connectors are combined with the excellent technologies of JAE, JST, ASP, MOLEX, HRS and other famous cooperative brands. And the connectors are also developed and manufactured with Colorsunny's own speciality. They are designed to be of high density, fast transmission and high frequency.
Electrical power system, communication network, finance manufacture, elevator and instrustrial automation, medical facility, office equipment, military project ect. To be more specific, Plasma Display Panel, Copy Machine, Laser Printer, Notebook PC, LCD Television, DVD Recorder, LED Lights ect.

OEM/ODM Services:
Customization of products. As per customers'detailed specification on a certain electronic component, we provide fully-costomized design and manufacture service. After years of persistent effort and dedication, we have so far achieved some triumphs and reached some remarkable milestones in designing, researching and developing components. With our years of industrial experiences and manufacturing capacity of the production of components, we are fully capable of providing excellent services for our customers.
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