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    ip65 plastic enclosure
  • Ip65 Plastic Enclosure

  • Item name:ODM&OEM Electronic enclosure
    Model Number:XDW01-1
  • Size:200*120*75mm ( can be customed )
    Operating Temperature:-40°C to 120°C
    Protection Degree:IP65
    Material:ABS,plastic or alumium
    Color:Light grey or silver ( can be customed )
    Surface finish :Powder Coating, Polishing, zinc/nickel plating, Ox dating , Diecasting Al alloy
    Service:Manufacturing service & Customized service
    Function:Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion
    Certification:ISO9001, RoHS
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Ip65 Plastic Enclosure DESCRIPTION:

As a waterproof and dustproof housing shell, Security and Protection Monitoring Power Supply Junction Box is responsible for the protection of the internal power electronic appliances. The enclosure mainly prevents water, snow, ice or dust from leaking in the circuits, devices and equipment of power supply inside it. Meanwhile, the enclosure can stop the damages caused by severe environment and maintain the normal operation of relevant appliances.

The power supply junction box enclosure is mainly made of ABS resin which is a sort of hot molding high polymer material. Due to the high intensity, toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and easy-moulding, plastic enclosure can guarantee its function as safeguard. Besides, the enclosure can be also made of alumium and plastic.

In regard of the installation of enclosures, in short, suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, quick and convenient installations even in an environment of corrosivity. All this does good to the security and protectin monitoring equipment.


On account of regional discrepancies and functional differences, junction box enclosure can be applied to various fields respectively.
To be specific: enclosure works as waterproof junction box, appliance box etc. in industry; and works in communication, security and protection monitoring facilities etc.


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