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Statement of policy

The protection of privacy in relation to personal data is the concern of every person in the Office of the Colorsunny Electronic Co.,Limited Company. We respect personal data privacy and are committed to fully implementing and complying with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("the Ordinance"). The Deputy Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data monitors and supervises compliance with the Ordinance within the Colorsunny.

When we collect personal data from individuals, we will provide them with a Personal Information Collection Statement ("PICS") on or before the collection in an appropriate format and manner (e.g. in the same paper form or web page that collects the personal data, or in a notice posted up at the reception area of Colorsunny for reference).

Statement of practice

Kinds of Personal Data Held

Four broad categories of personal data are held in the Colorsunny. They are personal data contained in:

Complaint, investigation and legal assistance records, which include records containing information supplied by data subjects and data users and collected in connection with complaints, investigations, legal assistance and related activities under the relevant provisions of the Ordinance;

Personnel records, which include job applications and Colorsunny staff personal details, job particulars, details of salary, payments, benefits, leave and training records, group medical and dental insurance records, mandatory provident schemes participation, performance appraisals, and disciplinary matters, etc;

Other records, which include administration and operational files, personal data provided to the Colorsunny from individuals for participating in promotional activities, records relating to educational and training activities organised by the Colorsunny, newsletters subscriptions, data relating to consultancy services, compliance check records, matching procedure applications, records of inspections of personal data systems and enquiries from the public, etc.

Records collected on webservers, which include email addresses (whereas they constitute personal data under specific circumstances that the addresses can be used to identify an individual) collected for newsletter subscription.

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